Coaching for Success

Are you an undergraduate or graduate from a leading university? Do you want a graduate job, an internship or a placement in The City, Financial Services and The Law?

Are you:

  • Struggling to answer questions on your online application?
  • Worrying about how to handle a telephone interview?
  • Failing to get through a competency-based interview?
  • Being rejected at assessment centre?

You can’t rely on a good degree, good luck and destiny to advance your career (no matter how talented and intelligent you are) especially not in the current economic climate. You must convince your prospective employer that you would be a valuable asset to them.
Research shows that personal coaching can really make a significant difference to your confidence and your success. Getting the job that you want can literally enable you to change your life. I would love to help you, so please read on…

What Coaching Will Do For You

I will coach and support you through the entire selection process, including:

  • Completing the on-line application form – over 80% of applications fail this stage
  • Succeeding at Telephone Interview – I show you how and we will practise this
  • Winning at the Competency Based Interview – we will practise Q & As
  • Preparing for Assessment Centre – What you must do and what you mustn’t do

You will learn what employers are looking for, and how to present yourself so that you show yourself to best advantage and win through at each stage of the process – vital skills of lasting value during your future career.

“Many of today’s students are used to being heavily directed on what is needed for exam success or college applications but they lack help in the final straight, when they have to put all these qualifications to use” Robert Shrimley – Financial Times

All our coaching includes an initial FREE, no-obligation phone conversation to establish your own particular needs. Personal coaching is just that – personal – and I tailor it to suit your individual requirements.

Your personal coaching will be delivered in “bite size chunks” via telephone, e-mail and, if appropriate, by Skype – it’s a proven method that’s very convenient. It helps us to keep costs down for you and it doesn’t matter where you live.

Why is coaching necessary?

If you’re applying for internships or your first graduate job, you will be up against strong competition. Because the top companies often receive up to 15,000 or more applications a year they have not got the time to interview everyone. To win the job you really want, you must know what the employer is looking for and how to demonstrate your potential – most people don’t know how to do this, and even excellent candidates often fall at the first hurdle.

A little personal coaching from someone who has sat the other side of the desk, conducted hundreds of competency interviews and designed recruitment and selection processes, really does help you to perform better – and it doesn’t cost the earth.

These days it’s tougher than ever to win through the recruitment process and get a good graduate job with a good employer. The best graduate employers use a recruitment process that has been described by Dr Paul Raymond, the head of careers and employability at the University of Liverpool, as “weapons of mass rejection.”

Why Choose Me For Your Personal Coaching?

So, what do I know about it? Well, I’ve interviewed thousands of people from new graduates to hard-core Chief Execs running £100,000,000 plus companies, and from my experience everyone needs someone to help them get the job they want.

I prepare you for what you can expect to meet at the top end of the graduate job market, and I will tailor your coaching to your specific needs and situation.

In recent months I have successfully helped clients obtain positions in Investment Banking, Management Consulting, ‘Big Four’ Accounting and Regulatory Bodies.

How Much Does Personal Coaching Cost?

I believe that top quality coaching should be available to more than an elite few. Therefore, I offer a full package, which will support you through the entire selection process, for only £400.00.

The full package includes hours of professional coaching and support. Graduates tell me that this is extremely good value for such a comprehensive service.

I understand that not everyone will need or want the full package and so If you require help through just part of the process then I charge £50.00 per hour.

How Does the Coaching Process Work?

Before you decide on any coaching, we will have an initial FREE, no-obligation phone conversation to discuss your situation and establish your own specific needs. If you decide after this that coaching isn’t for you, there will be nothing to pay and no pressure at all to proceed.

I am passionate about customer service and devote a lot of time to each client, and as a result I can only accept a maximum of three clients at the same time.

I give you the skills to improve your future. Contact me now – give yourself the best chance that you can to be successful!