Exclusive Coaching

by a Certified Corporate Master Coach

Are you an undergraduate or graduate from a leading university? Do you want a graduate job, internship or a placement in The City, Financial Services and The Law? If so, you will be up against strong competition and AI technology.

Why is coaching necessary?

“Many of today’s students are used to being heavily directed on what is needed for exam success or college applications but they lack help in the final straight, when they have to put all these qualifications to use.” Robert Shrimley – Financial Times”.

You can’t rely on a good degree, good luck and destiny to advance your career (no matter how talented and intelligent you are). You must convince your prospective employer that you would be an asset to them and first you must pass the online tests.

Top businesses often receive 20,000 or more applications a year and many now use AI to sift applications via automated video. AI is being introduced to save businesses time and money. It is not there to help you! As an example, Unilever says that it will save £800,000 a year and save 100,000 hours of human time by deploying software to analyse video interviews.

Unlike previous online tests that typically recorded 64 data points, AI models can identify up to 30K data points. Systems scan applicant’s facial expressions, body language and word choice, and check them against traits considered predictive of job success. This can include how you react to stress by steadily speeding up questions and reducing your time to answer. It can be a jarring experience.

AI requires you to have a specific interview technique because unlike a normal interview there is no feedback and no eye contact. You are literally speaking to a camera that is monitoring your every movement including picking up on any display of nerves.

The recruitment process has been quite rightly described by a head of careers at a Russell Group University as “weapons of mass rejection.”

What My Coaching Will Do For You

My coaching includes an initial FREE, no-obligation phone conversation to discuss your situation, establish your specific need and whether or not we can work together. I tailor your coaching to suit your individual requirements.

Your coaching will be delivered in “bite size chunks” via Skype, telephone, and e-mail – it’s a proven method that’s very convenient.

Personal coaching from a Certified Corporate Master Coach will make a significant difference to your confidence and your success. Getting the job that you want can literally enable you to change your life.

In recent months I have successfully helped clients obtain positions in Investment Banking, Management Consulting, ‘Big Four’ Accounting and Regulatory Bodies.

How Much Does it Cost?

I offer unlimited hours of professional 1:1 coaching and support for £1,400.00.

I am passionate about customer service and devote a lot of time to each client, and as a result I only accept a maximum of two clients at the same time.

I give you the skills to improve your future. Contact me now – give yourself the best chance that you can to be successful!