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"I found the practice interviews and advice which you gave immensely helpful; I really would have had no idea how to answer the questions otherwise.
H.C. October 2013
"To say I found the graduate recruitment process daunting is an understatement. Even the idea of calling Barrie for an initial discussion made me nervous. I shouldn’t have worried however, as Barrie has a wonderful way of making you feel at ease, help identify your strengths and enable you to articulate these in the best possible way."
V.F. July 2011

3 Tips for Your Interview Day

These tips will help you be more relaxed during your interview.

Empty Your Pockets

Don’t bring a big handbag, bulky bag, overcoat, or ‘to-go’ coffee with you into the interview. Instead, be minimalistic, with just a pen and notepad, you’ll feel less like a cumbersome outsider.  Switch off your mobile. Also, don’t take the interviewer up on their offer of refreshment – they’re just being polite and you don’t want the distraction. You’ll be grateful that you don’t have to pack up camp and awkwardly follow your interviewer to another office if he or she asks you to.

Put up the Mirror

Throughout the interview, mirror the interviewers body language – not verbatim, but rather in general. If they lean forward and laugh loudly, feel comfortable doing the same, if they seem a bit reserved, don’t make them uncomfortable by offering up a high five. Don’t laugh out loud unless they are laughing out loud. And remember, don’t over think your behaviour beforehand, interviewers are paid to spot studied airs and canned responses.

Negotiate Later

It’s not your responsibility to tell your interviewer how much you earned at your last job. And doing so can cost you. If they ask, tell them ‘I’m sure we can discuss salary when the time is right, but for now I just want to see if there’s a mutual fit for you and me’.

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