Graduates ask us all the time about how to improve interview performance and how to get the jobs they want. Questions such as:
  • “What are competency-based interviews?”
  • “How do I answer situational questions?”
  • “How can I prepare for a telephone interview?”
  • “I’ve been asked to attend an Assessment Centre; what happens there?”

We have written a series of e-books especially to help you with problems like these.

Our e-books will answer the questions above and many more; they will help you get invited to the serious interviews that can affect your future, help you succeed at interviews and assessment centres, and help you get a great start in your working life.

If you have a burning ambition to ask complete strangers, “Do you want fries with that?” we can certainly help you, but with our help you can set your sights a lot higher in life. You can get a job that will mean you can eat and pay the rent – but there’s much more to life than that! You will probably want a job that you enjoy (most of the time), a job you find fulfilling, a job that can give you the lifestyle you want. We can help you.

CVs and Face to Face Interviews – Free e-Books to Help You

Our e-books will give you the answers to questions graduates regularly ask us. Two of the most pressing questions are:

And, by the way, in case you are wondering – these FREE downloads are the full and complete e-books. Maybe, like us, you’ve fallen into the trap of downloading “free e-books” or “free courses” on other web sites only to get a shortened version that only gives you half the story and then tries to get you to buy the real thing? Well, these free e-books ARE the real thing! Download them now!

When we talk about interviews we don’t mean the “Can you pull a pint and how do you feel about being chatted up by lads/girls who’ve had a few too many drinks?” We don’t mean being interviewed to work as a shelf-filler on the nightshift at your local supermarket. We’re talking about the serious, face-to-face interviews that you’ll encounter if you’re lucky enough to get through to the short lists of good graduate employers.

Winning at Competency Based Interview e-Book

You need to know that competency-based or situational interviews are a whole new ballgame! This is a much more scientific approach to interviewing than the traditional kind, and if you think ‘normal’ interviewers lack charm you “ain’t seen nothin’ yet”.

If you haven’t faced a competency-based or situational interview before you won’t know how to deal with it successfully.

Our ‘Winning at Competency Based Interview’ e-book. will show you what competency-based interviews are and how to answer situational based questions.

Winning at Telephone Interviews e-Book

It is common these days for employers to use telephone interviews in order to reduce the number of applicants before inviting the lucky few for face-to-face interviews or assessment centres. Telephone interviews will ALWAYS be competency-based and are often conducted by a third party. The interviewer will be rating you in a very precise way according to the requirements prescribed by the prospective employer for that particular job.

Telephone interviews have made things easier – but easier for the interviewer, NOT the candidate. Telephone interviews are unnerving for the unwary.

Our ‘Winning at Telephone Interviews’ e-book will show you the special skills needed to handle telephone interviews with ease.

Winning at Assessment Centres e-Book

Many of the top graduate employers now use assessment centres as part of their recruitment processes. It may be the final stage, following a face-to-face interview, or it may precede the interview. In either case, you can be sure that the employer does not invite candidates for fun, or just to make up the numbers, because assessment centres are very expensive to run.

If you get invited to an assessment centre, you have a serious chance of getting the job, and you don’t want to blow it! But for most people it is very hard to know how best to present yourself in order to make a good impression – perhaps surprisingly, the most confident “alpha” male and female candidates often perform badly.

If you haven’t attended an Assessment Centre (Selection Centre) before you will find it unnerving and won’t know how best to present yourself.

Our ‘Winning at Assessment Centres’ e-book will show you what you need to do to beat the odds and be successful at an Assessment Centre.

Our new e-books are hot off the press; they are full of essential information, practical guidance, helpful interview tips and more.

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This might seem weird, but six in 10 interview candidates wear lucky pants to ease them through an interview, according to new research.

The research, by employment law firm Peninsula, found that 84% adorn themselves with a ‘lucky’ item, with six in 10 opting for lucky pants.

Advice is also taken from a horoscope reading of the day for 73% of respondents.

The top 10 lucky charms are:

* Lucky underwear (sometimes unwashed!)
* Lucky jewellery
* Brooch
* Lucky shoes
* An object from childhood, e.g. blanket/teddy
* Four-leaf clover
* Key ring
* Lucky stone
* Lucky pen/pencil
* Lucky photograph of someone e.g. boyfriend/relative

Peter Done, managing director at Peninsula said: "Union Jack underwear is not guaranteed to get you the job, so get prepared, turn up early for the interview, dress smartly and sell yourself. Leave the lucky underwear at home. I'm amazed at how superstitious people are, one employee we spoke to took wearing lucky underwear to the extreme, claiming his briefs are so lucky that he refuses to wash them."

"There are so many applicants who submit CVs which are below par and will not make it past recruiters' inboxes. There is an ongoing concern that graduates are limiting their chances of success at the first hurdle."
Sunil Duggal, MD Just IT Recruitment.