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"I found the practice interviews and advice which you gave immensely helpful; I really would have had no idea how to answer the questions otherwise.
H.C. October 2013
"To say I found the graduate recruitment process daunting is an understatement. Even the idea of calling Barrie for an initial discussion made me nervous. I shouldn’t have worried however, as Barrie has a wonderful way of making you feel at ease, help identify your strengths and enable you to articulate these in the best possible way."
V.F. July 2011

Accent the positive

In British business RP still rules and there is widespread prejudice reported against people with regional accents. The research shows that senior British bosses believe that someone with an overseas accent, including American, Continental European, Indian or Asian, is more likely to succeed than someone with an accent from the English regions. . . . → Read More: Accent the positive

Goldilocks and the three assessment centres

He demonstrated his leadership skills like a latter day Genghis Khan. There was one way for the group exercise and that was his way; he was a veritable tour de force. A typical alpha male. . . . → Read More: Goldilocks and the three assessment centres

Moving away from the 2.1 filter

The tricky question is will a move away from the 2.1 degree filter open opportunities which previously would have remained out of reach. . . . → Read More: Moving away from the 2.1 filter

No launderettes in Kensington

I first saw him, one evening, sitting at the end of a bar in a hotel in Kensington; he looked like a fish out of water. . . . → Read More: No launderettes in Kensington

What not to do at Assessment Centre

What counts as the worst advice that can be given to candidates as they fight their way through the twists and turns of recruitment processes that make Harry Potter’s adventures seem like a walk in the park? The answer is three little words – “Just be yourself”.

How many 21/22 year olds know who they . . . → Read More: What not to do at Assessment Centre

Female graduates win the recruitment stakes for top jobs

Why is it that female graduates are increasingly more successful than male graduates in getting jobs in the professions and top companies? Does it flow naturally from the fact that there are more female graduates? I suppose that statistically the laws of probability apply and the one naturally leads to the other. But, I’m inclined . . . → Read More: Female graduates win the recruitment stakes for top jobs

Weeding out ‘unsuitable’ teaching applicants

In a global first for England the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) has announced that by 2012 all applicants for University teacher training courses will undergo psychometric assessment. . . . → Read More: Weeding out ‘unsuitable’ teaching applicants