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"I found the practice interviews and advice which you gave immensely helpful; I really would have had no idea how to answer the questions otherwise.
H.C. October 2013
"To say I found the graduate recruitment process daunting is an understatement. Even the idea of calling Barrie for an initial discussion made me nervous. I shouldn’t have worried however, as Barrie has a wonderful way of making you feel at ease, help identify your strengths and enable you to articulate these in the best possible way."
V.F. July 2011

Ace the interview

‘Presentation at Interview’ is the most important factor in standing out from the crowd, according to 23% of jobseekers from a survey by TipTopJob, a network of generic and specialist job sites.

Presentation comes out on top, ahead of 22% who said work experience was the top factor, 20% thinking it was an effective cover . . . → Read More: Ace the interview

Accent the positive

In British business RP still rules and there is widespread prejudice reported against people with regional accents. The research shows that senior British bosses believe that someone with an overseas accent, including American, Continental European, Indian or Asian, is more likely to succeed than someone with an accent from the English regions. . . . → Read More: Accent the positive

Ideas on recruitment practice

How many applicants does an employer need to interview before being able to decide to offer a job? We know from research that the UK Civil Service has 100 applicants for a “Fast Stream” role for every job offer. . . . → Read More: Ideas on recruitment practice

Moving away from the 2.1 filter

The tricky question is will a move away from the 2.1 degree filter open opportunities which previously would have remained out of reach. . . . → Read More: Moving away from the 2.1 filter

The skills graduates need to succeed

Communication skills are one of the most sought after soft skills among graduates.

Ireland’s graduate recruiters have provided an insight into what they look for from their graduate employees.

The gradireland Graduate Salary & Graduate Recruitment Trends Survey 2011 revealed half of Ireland’s recruiters demand a 2.1 degree classification or above but just 15 percent . . . → Read More: The skills graduates need to succeed