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"I found the practice interviews and advice which you gave immensely helpful; I really would have had no idea how to answer the questions otherwise.
H.C. October 2013
"To say I found the graduate recruitment process daunting is an understatement. Even the idea of calling Barrie for an initial discussion made me nervous. I shouldn’t have worried however, as Barrie has a wonderful way of making you feel at ease, help identify your strengths and enable you to articulate these in the best possible way."
V.F. July 2011

is your degree worth it?

Research by the Centre for Market and Public Organisation at the University of Bristol found that law, economics and management were the most valuable subjects for study. . . . → Read More: is your degree worth it?

Ideas on recruitment practice

How many applicants does an employer need to interview before being able to decide to offer a job? We know from research that the UK Civil Service has 100 applicants for a “Fast Stream” role for every job offer. . . . → Read More: Ideas on recruitment practice

Are undergraduates unrealistic on job markets?

A poll of 500 undergraduates and recent graduates by shows that while the average graduate salary is currently £25,000, one in 10 undergraduates believe they will earn over £35,000 in their first graduate job, compared to 59% of those that have already graduated who have salary expectations below £20,000. . . . → Read More: Are undergraduates unrealistic on job markets?

Is a Degree worth it?

Will the UK move towards the USA system with universities free to charge students what the market will bear for tuition. If so, it would free universities from state control on numbers of students and generally require students to fund their own education. Of course, the universities would provide grants to high calibre students whose parents were of modest means. (Oxford University already supports 30% of it’s undergraduates through their bursary scheme). . . . → Read More: Is a Degree worth it?

KPMG raises the stakes in search for talent

KPMG, the professional services firm, is extending its school leavers’ programme to Exeter and Birmingham Universities. . . . → Read More: KPMG raises the stakes in search for talent

University Admission – the future?

The current UCAS system is clearly creaking under the strain of the high number of applicants and a nine-month investigation into the system is about to commence. . . . → Read More: University Admission – the future?